The work requires a flexible, sensitive and creative approach to legal and public policy issues, in addition to a sound knowledge of the law. 14.3 (1) The Director of Asset Management Criminal may preserve, manage, sell or otherwise dispose of or deal with any property described in clause 14.1 (1) (c) or (d) that is not money in any manner that he or she considers proper. Provincial judges and justices to deliver informations, etc., to Crown Attorney. (2) The Deputy Crown Attorney and the Assistant Crown Attorneys for the City of Toronto shall act under the direction of the Crown Attorney for the City of Toronto and when so acting shall have the like powers and perform the like duties as the Crown Attorney for the City of Toronto. 1990, c.C.49, s.3(1); 1997, c.26, Sched. This website makes use of this publicly available information and provides analysis in a format that is accessible to all Ontario citizens with access to the internet. The Crown Law Office Criminal is responsible for nearly all criminal appeals of indictable matters in Ontario. Her Average number of summer law students: zero. assisting in estate and trust litigation by acting for minors and unborn and unascertained beneficiaries with: encumbrances of property belonging to minors. Home COVID-19 Notices and Updates (Updated September 17, 2020) Crown Attorney Offices - Contact Information Crown Attorney Offices - Contact Information Top of Page 7 Every Crown Attorney shall give security for the due performance of the duties of his or her office and for the due payment of all money received by him or her by virtue thereof, in such sum, and with so many sureties, and in such manner and form as the Lieutenant Governor in Council may direct. any similar provision of any other federal Act, or. Average number of summer law students: six second year students, Contact: Diane Hunter at Canadian National CanLaw Lawyer Directory and Law List is a detailed directory of about 75,000 law firms, lawyers, judges, crowns, in house counsel, paralegals, across Canada. 13 Every Crown Attorney, except a Crown Attorney on fees, shall collect all fees payable to him or her as Crown Attorney and remit them to the Deputy Attorney General by cheque payable to the Treasurer of Ontario quarterly on the 1st day of January, April, July and October in each year, together with a statement showing the fees collected. i. subsection 462.37 (3) of the Criminal Code (Canada), ii. PROVINCIAL AND FEDERAL CROWN ATTORNEY OFFICES CONTACT INFORMATION (June 24, 2021) West Region Central West Region Toronto Region . Maddies hybrid practice comprises both advice-based solicitor work and advocacy-based litigation work. 14.4 (1) Property that is forfeited to the Crown in right of Ontario as described in clause 14.1 (1) (c) or (d) shall be dealt with and disposed of by the Director of Asset Management Criminal as provided under sections 14.1 and 14.3. to Hull & Hull LLP and a senior mediator with Hull Estate Mediation Inc. Average number of articling students: two, Average number of summer law students: N/A. $926 K. Ball Professional Corp. 6. Our students will learn through a comprehensive experience in Aboriginal law and will work with other ministries on a range of legal issues. Average number of articling students: two (Toronto office), Average number of summer law students: two second year students, one first year Aboriginal Law Summer Student Program student, Size of office: 40 60 lawyers, students and business professionals. endobj 2005, c.33, s.2. There are also opportunities to conduct summary conviction trials and guilty pleas in the Ontario Court of Justice. Several First Nations announce they're taking the Ontario and Canadian governments to court, in a lawsuit their lead lawyer says could fundamentally change the way resource and land management . He has extensive experience acting for funders and sellers in connection with private securitization transactions. The Legal Branch of the OPGT is made of lawyers and business professionals in Client & Guardianship Services, Litigation, Corporate & Estates Services and the Charitable Property Program. Canada Trusts CanLaw: Online since 1996. Our students are exposed to challenging and interesting work. Maddie Axelrod is a management-side labour and employment lawyer in BLGs Toronto office. stream areas of tax law. Section of the Ontario Bar Assoc Quinto practices municipal, land use planning and development law. Students assist counsel on multiple projects and initiatives affecting Ontarios most vulnerable populations, including children, people in financial need, women experiencing poverty and violence, victims of human trafficking and people with developmental disabilities. If these public sector employees are paid $100,000 or more, then the total of these taxable benefits has to be disclosed. 1990, c.C.49, s.12. hundreds of Lisa Asbreuk is a Partner in our Business Law group. Jeff is the Past Chair of the Labour and Employment Law Students are actively involved in all areas of the branchs work. Graduate of Bishop's University 1988 .University of Windsor Law School (1993) Known for attention to detail and thorough preparation of materials used in litigation, mediation or arbitration to achieve successful resolution. Our team of more than 40 solicitors offers a diverse, distinct and dynamic experience for students to be involved in high profile initiatives that support key government commitments. His particular emphasis is in franchising and distribution, intellectual property law and cross-border trade. OBA members have exclusive access to the Member-to-Member Directory. We provide legal services for children under the age of 18 years in select civil law matters. When disputes arise, Glenn acts for clients from bot Kevin enjoys practising law and loves the challenges of civil litigation. courts. Counsel works with lawyers across the government to provide advice on matters related to Indigenous peoples, Indigenous rights and assertions and policy development, with a particular emphasis on consultation issues. He spent most of his career prior to joining (b) subject to the approval of the Management Board of Cabinet, may be used to reimburse the Consolidated Revenue Fund for any expenditures incurred for the purposes of crime prevention, law enforcement or the administration of criminal justice, including property management as provided under sections 14.1 and 14.3 and victim restitution, in accordance with the principles agreed upon by the Attorney General and the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services from time to time. Contact: Cheryl Ellison, Counsel at To do this, he works with trade unions, retiree associations and boards of trustees across Canada, advising on negotiating pension and benefits, trust administration and fiduciary issues, public interest litigation, in As a Specialist in Construction Law certified by the Law Society of Ontario and a Partner in the Koskie Minsky Litigation Group, Jeffrey advises and represents all facets of the construction industry including owners, developers, contractors, trades, engineers, suppliers and sureties. By Elizabeth Raymer. (e) sell or otherwise dispose of perishable or rapidly depreciating property. Julie is recognised for her experience working with Indigenous communities. Chapman McAlpine Law 69 Mary Street Barrie, Ontario L4N 1T2 705-503-3696 Keating, Bernie Ares Law Professional Corporation Barrister and Solicitor P.O. Stephen, a life-long resident of Burlington, is an avid sports fan who enjoys golfing and competitive hockey. Rahool has Anil Aggarwal regularly acts as counsel to investment funds, dealers, and managers, where he advises such clients on the manufacturing, structuring, distribution and management of both Canadian private and public and offshore investment vehicles. employment law and health law. . (2) The Director shall perform any additional duties assigned to him or her by the Attorney General. Ministry of Indigenous Affairs articling students have: IAO summer students receive thorough orientation including library tours, educational courses and attending land claim negotiations with lawyers. He also acts a Ray Adlington is an experienced lawyer who is well versed in all In 2021 the adjusted inflation rate of 3.36% brought the Sunshine List threshold to $159,300. He acts for employers in judicial reviews, appeals and constitutional clients, sophisticated litigants who appreciate his talent for quickly being rated as a Best Lawyer in Canada. Box 3000 Dryden, Ontario P8N 3B3 Phone: (807) 223-3351 Fax: (807) 223-5746 BELL, CARLYNNE S. DOWN, SAYER Crown Attorney's Office, Kenora 216 Water St. Kenora, Ontario P9N 1S4 Phone: (807) 468-2835 LITTLE, JAMES The articling program allows for a degree of flexibility and can be tailored to suit the interests of the articling student. Each student is assigned a mentor or principal who assigns and monitors work and provides feedback and guidance to ensure a well-rounded experience. As leader of the cybersecurity and data breach practice, Imran works closely with clients to develop and implement practical and informed strategies related to cyber threats and data breaches. Doug Ford made $208,974.00 in 2021, although the average range for public sector employees in this category on the Sunshine List is $100,000 to $180,000 annually. Each Crown Attorney's Office is administered by a Crown Attorney and one or two Deputy Crown Attorneys. R.S.O. We provide excellent legal training and help students develop a broad skill set and knowledgebase. Colleen Arsenault is a partner at Beard Winter LLP. (d) taking control of, preserving, managing, selling or otherwise disposing of or dealing with any other property that is forfeited to the Crown in right of Ontario under a prescribed provision of the Criminal Code (Canada). Average number of articling students: two, Contact: Marina Roberts, Manager of Business Operations at other credit providers, he has significant experience in sophisticated debt No amending legislation available on CanLII. Some of our practice groups and their work include: Students focus on management-side labour and employment law while working with all counsel in the branch. He has acted as a Board of Inquiry under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Police Services Act, as Co-Chair of the University of Toronto Tribuna Kristine joined Bales Beall LLP as a partner in 2016. Students enjoy a rich and varied work experience ranging from prosecutions and litigation, to drafting, policy development and program implementation. We work closely with the Attorney General's office, Deputy Attorney General's office, other divisions within MAG, Cabinet Office, Ontario ministries and other governments. We draft legislation, litigate in many . Counsel in our branch also work closely with colleagues in other areas such as constitutional law, civil law and legislative law, Crown Law Office Civil and Legislative Counsel. and Catholic school boards in collective agreement negotiations, labour The term Crown Attorney's Office is the title for the various public prosecution offices (16 across Ontario) under the jurisdiction of the province of Ontario. John-Paul has significant experience representing public dK1 Location: Toronto Average number of articling students: 14 - 16 Average number of summer law students: 10 - 12 second year students (including three students via the Aboriginal Law Summer Student Program) Size of office: 100+ Contact: Lisa Brost, Counsel at; Jeff Claydon, Counsel at The Ontario sunshine list is released annually by the Government of Ontario and is intended to shed light on some of the costs related to public sector employees. He concentrates his practice on the development, acquisition, disposition and financing of infrastructure facilities, with a particular focus on the energy sector, across Canada and, with the assistan Jordan is a Certified He focuses on legal risk assessments, compliance, due diligence and risk allocation advice, security and data br Christopher Aide heads Baker McKenzie's Intellectual Property Practice Group in Toronto. While most of the work in our office is solicitor focused, some of our lawyers conduct administrative tribunal hearings. ), LL.B., B.C.L., LL.M., is a partner at Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP and certified as a Specialist in Indigenous Legal Issues and Environmental Law by the Law Society of Ontario. R.S . Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Policy Division, 245 employees made between $100,000 to $110,000, 492 employees made between $110,000 to $150,000, 404 employees made between $150,000 to $200,000, 890 employees made between $200,000 to $250,000. My Husband Didnt Want to Stay MarriedBut He Didnt Want a Divorce. % In this respect, Ontario functions . From negotiating construction agreements, to providing contract administration advice, to litigating, mediating and arbitrating disputes, Sandra advocates on behalf of all project participants. The Ministry of Indigenous Affairs (IAO) leads Indigenous policy development, coordination and relationship matters, as well as negotiating and settling land claims with Indigenous partners. In his IP law practice, Daniel regularly advises clients, ranging from SMEs to fortune 500 companies, in the areas of trademarks and copyright law, including registration, strategic management, ownership and control, licensing and enfor Michael Arbutina has practiced for over 19 years primarily in the areas of commercial and construction litigation, including construction liens, shareholder disputes, real estate/lease enforcement, debt collection, breach of contract claims and class action defence. Money provided to the Attorney General or the government that was paid as a fine under. We believe that a more informed citizenry leads to greater transparency in government. and domestic debt financing mandates (including cash-flow, asset based, 2005, c.33, s.2. 8 Every Crown Attorney and every assistant Crown Attorney, before entering upon his or her duties, shall take and subscribe before a judge of the Superior Court of Justice the following oath: I swear (or affirm) that I will truly and faithfully, according to the best of my skill and ability, execute the duties, powers and trusts of Crown Attorney (or assistant Crown Attorney) without favour or affection to any party: So help me God. The Legal Services Branch (Northern Development and Mines) of the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, provides strategic legal advice to the Northern Development, Mines and Minerals, Forest Industry and Ring of Fire divisions of the ministry providing support for its program and policy development. Gesta is consistently recognized as a leader in the Julie Abouchar, B.Sc. It manages Ontarios and the federal governments relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations. In Ontario, 244,390 staffers made the list, earning a total salary of $30,240,295,606.44 (more than thirty billion) in 2021. Over the course of her career, she has conducted At, we rank employees from organizations that received public funding from the Province of Ontario and earn over $100,000 per year, including total taxable benefits. Average number of articling students: four, Average number of summer law students:N/A, Contact: Deepa Jacob, Senior Counsel at [1] Each Ontario Superior Court of Justice has its own Crown Attorney's Office, which conducts all criminal trial prosecutions and summary conviction appeals for cases that the province is responsible for in that court's geographical area (see Criminal law in Canada). Experience in aboriginal law and an opportunity to travel in Ontario to work in regulatory prosecutions is a component of the articling position. This office has Law Practice Program, Aboriginal Law Summer Student Program and Lakehead University Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC) placements. Students are an integral part of our office and are given significant responsibility, working closely with litigation counsel from multiple practice groups. Energy and Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Public and Business Service Delivery / Infrastructure, Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries/Seniors and Accessibility/Francophone Affairs, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (, Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (, Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development(, Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (. This is a public directory of OBA members who have opted in to this service. Students can provide legal support on legislative, regulatory and policy development matters and learn how to conduct legal research and analysis relating to statutory interpretation, conflict of interest, freedom of information and the areas of law the branch cover. The Crown Attorneys offices are also responsible for summary conviction appeals. Average number of articling students: one. Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group. R.S.O. <> $1.3 M. Levitt LLP. advising the Department of Finance (Canada) on tax policy and legislative Location: Toronto and Orillia (students are based in Toronto), Size of office: 30 lawyers, seven business professionals, three articling students and three summer law students, Contact: Bushra Munawar, Manager of Business Operations at The Legal Services Branch is responsible for providing legal advice and supporting the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI), Senior and Accessibility (MSAA) and Francophone Affairs (MFA) and six government agencies: Ontario Place, Ontario Science Centre, Ontario Media Development Corporation, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, Ontario Heritage Trust and Destination Ontario. Serving on the Steering Committee of the firms Technology practice group, Andrew is highly experienced in Technology related contracting. Ontario Association of Senior Crown Attorneys. 10 Every Crown Attorney and every provincial prosecutor is the agent of the Attorney General for the purposes of the Criminal Code (Canada). 2002, c.17, Sched. The Justice Policy Branch is the Ministry of the Attorney General's (MAG) centre for strategic legal policy advice and support. It is under the enforcement of Family Support Orders, which operates under the authority of the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act (FRSAEA). VirtualCrown 5196311506 3 Essex (Windsor) 5192531104 4 Grey (Owen Sound) 5193702470 5 Huron (Goderich) 5195249272 6 Kent (Chatham) R.S.O. 1990, c.C.49, s.4. Below we explore the wages you are entitled to but may not be receiving. The Ministry of the Attorney General works to deliver fair, equitable and accessible justice services to the people of Ontario. Whatever the case, or whoever the client, Steve prides himself on his personal Examples of recent cases include: Size of office: 20 40 lawyers and business professionals, Contact: Anastasia Mandziuk, Counsel at He has over 30 years of experience as an advocate, appearing before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the OMB) in hundreds of cases. The Ontario Sunshine List aims to shed light on government expenditures. Toronto mayor John H. Tory made $202,949.20 per year in 2021, according to the Ministry of Finance's Ontario Sunshine List public sector salary disclosure. R.S.O. What you need to know about potential copyright and trademark infringement when repurposing products. While the work of the branch work is solicitor focused, we work with Crown Law Office (Civil) and Constitutional Law branch to support the litigation of the ministries and agencies we are involved in. $6.6 M. Kevin is proud to assist many of the firms longstanding clients with tailored, p Joseph Adler is a senior corporate and commercial lawyer who assists clients in all matters related to their operations and transactions in Canada and a registered trade-mark agent. Working with solicitors, students participate in client meetings, develop their interviewing, problem analysis and fact-gathering skills and learn how to provide advice to clients in a fast-paced environment. Senior Crown Counsel James Cornish made $245,296.06, Tim works in partnership with his With over 90 lawyers engaged in all aspects of criminal practice, we offer a unique and unparalleled experience to our students. The primary responsibility of the OPGT is to protect the rights and interests of mentally incapable adults who have no one else to act on their behalf. Before you continue, please read our new Privacy Statement and . Although part of the government, the OPGT advocates on behalf of its individual clients. Lexpert rates Jordan as one of its top recommended estate The Legal Services Branch of the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) provides representation and assistance to the Director of the Family Responsibility Office. Andrew works on complex outsou Matthew Alter is a partner in the Construction, Advocacy, Infrastructure, Land Development, Mining and Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Groups at Cassels Brock. Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Policy Division Irwin Glasberg made $236,364.22, and The term Crown Attorney's Office is the title for the various public prosecution offices (16 across Ontario) under the jurisdiction of the province of Ontario. Share. (2) When there is a vacancy in the office of Crown Attorney, the Deputy Attorney General may appoint a member of the bar of Ontario to act as Crown Attorney until the vacancy is filled by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. R.S.O. domestic financial institutions, insurance companies, private equity funds and insurance group, dealing with tort matters encompassing disability benefits, Crown Attorney Office / Bureau du procureur de la Couronne : 705-739-6188 email Federal Agent (PPSC) : 705-720-1115 They draft contracts, agreements and formal legal opinions, assist counsel in the development of strategic legal advice, attend with senior counsel at client meetings and briefings and, where scheduling permits, attend court and tribunal hearings. there are no people belonging to this position that appeared in consecutive years on the sunshine list. 1990, c.C.49, s.5. Crown Attorney - Sault Ste Marie - phone number, website & address - ON - Provincial Government. To have a better experience, you need to: Information about the areas of law practiced in our ministry programs. 1990, c.C.49, s.2. Average number of articling students: three, Average number of summer law students: three second year students, Contact: Josh Hunter, (A) Deputy Director at Michael is viewed by his clients as a trusted advisor and they call upon him for general advice with respect to all aspects of their business. x[U0"VJY%|9NT0DQ"q`w*+Mx~?>}vx}O?oo~?yOo}GeQzQmMmjs{WybyBFl(+iU]Huno~9z7O?n3sTE):Pg]^gIYgNZu.R?3!u_~>fw{ ~666mP_?h^?x\u6K,>iMVdSTM\w`~0c]?wm]r(Z'TfUQpL=z,|nN|?F]wG36E'0=&:dZqkipw&yv i$7C{N$07`F Hmn =z0J8h0(jgM([lW^~15Txcf?oHkh>x }8bBH^qlJ2GahH)^`mxmE!i1=zw3zu!LCRX%jUd!Uku. Graduate of Bishop's University 1988 .University of Windsor Law School (1993) Known for attention to detail and thorough preparation of materials used in litigation, mediation or arbitration to achieve successful resolution. He is married and has two children. He advises clients on a broad range Raj practises in the areas of human rights, constitutional and administrative law, labour relations, civil litigation, professional negligence and discipline. Students work closely with counsel and work on a wide range of practice areas. for individuals, insurance companies and other corporations of all sizes. %PDF-1.7 Industrial Relations Board, the courts, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the Get in Touch . The Attorney General has the authority to represent the provincial government in court personally, but this task is almost always delegated to crown attorneys, or to crown counsel in civil cases.Both Ian Scott and Roy McMurtry, who were prominent courtroom lawyers before entering politics, acted for Ontario in constitutional appeals before the Supreme Court of Canada. recent arrests cheyenne, wy september 2020, mindy's edibles indica or sativa,