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By using our website, you consent to the privacy policy. We take the protection of your privacy seriously. In the following, we show you how we use your personal data, use cookies, safeguard the security of your data and much more.

Refill.Swiss is an initiative of the Good For My Planet Association, a Swiss non-profit association, that raises awareness and develops local sustainability initiatives in communities across the globe.

We take great care to protect your data and your privacy. In this declaration, we would, therefore, like to inform you about the collection and use of individual details on the personal or factual circumstances of a certain or definable natural person («personal data») in the context of the use of our website.
This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to our website (https://refill.swiss). We accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability for links that lead from our website to websites of third parties. Clicking on an external link is entirely your own responsibility.


Privacy Policy

1. User’s consent

Please note that by visiting and using our website, you consent to the processing of your personal data within the scope of this declaration and the applicable data protection laws.

2. Contact person

If you have any questions or messages concerning your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us as follows:
Good For My Planet Association.
Chemin du Vernay 72,  BOX 50, 1196 Gland.


3. Anonymous data collection

You can visit our website without giving any personal information. We do not store any personal data in this context. In order to improve our offer, we only evaluate statistical data that does not allow us to draw conclusions about your person.

4. Processing of personal data

We only collect the following data within the scope of your customer profile:

  • All information that you provide explicitly in the context of an enquiry or order (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, ordered goods, etc.);
  • IP Address;
  • Browser version and browser type used;
  • Date & time of the inquiry or order;
  • The password created by you;
  • Fees and benefits in connection with an order;
  • A possible affiliation identity or link identity (with this we can determine that you have joined us from a possible partner platform);
  • The payment method you have chosen, the transaction status of the order and the invoice currency.

Please note that this list contains all the personal data that we may process on our website, unless further processing is explicitly mentioned in this Privacy Policy. In individual cases, however, we may not collect all data. In principle, we only collect as much personal data as is necessary for the correct execution of the contract.
We do not create any personality profiles on the website and do not collect or process any particularly sensitive personal data (e. g. on religious, political or ideological views, health status etc.).

5. Use of your personal data & disclosure to third parties

The processing of your personal data on the website is carried out exclusively in the context of a request or order submitted by you, to correct or improve our website and, if necessary, for internal statistical purposes.
Your data will not be passed on to third parties via the website without your express consent. Excluded from this are only our service partners, which we need for the completion of the contractual relationship (e.g. Payment System Providers for payments by credit card or PayPal, carriers for the dispatch of your goods.

6. Cookies and other elements

6.1 Cookies
Our website uses so-called cookies in several places. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser. They serve to make our offer more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies also enable our systems to recognize your browser and offer you services. Cookies do not contain any personal data. However, it may be possible for a cookie to be associated with a specific user record.
Our website uses cookies exclusively automatically. We do not track cookies on user profiles in order to take advantage of the above-mentioned advantages for the user or to gain personal information.You have the option of rejecting cookies or configuring your browser to notify you each time our website attempts to set a cookie. However, this may lead to the fact that certain services of our website are not or only partially sufficient.

However, you can adjust your browser settings so that it rejects cookies, only saves them for one session, or deletes them after a set time. Most browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. We use permanent cookies to better understand how you use our offers and content. If you block cookies, it is possible that certain functions (e.g. language options) will no longer work. To the extent permitted, we sometimes integrate visible and invisible figurative elements into our newsletters and marketing emails which, when retrieved from our servers, allow us to know if and when you have opened the email. In this way, we can also measure and better understand how you use our offers, and can tailor them to you. You can block them in your email program. For more information about cookies (including instructions on how to block them), see http://www.allaboutcookies.org/


6.2 Newsletters and marketing emails
By using our websites and giving your consent to receive newsletters and other marketing emails, you agree to the use of these techniques. If you do not want this, you must adjust the settings of your browser and email program accordingly.

6.3 Google Analytics
We sometimes use Google Analytics on our websites, which is a service by third parties that could be located anywhere in the world (in the case of Google Analytics, it is Google LLC in the USA, www.google.com). Google Analytics allows us to measure and evaluate the use (non-personal) of the website. For this purpose, permanent cookies are also used, which are set by the service provider. The service provider does not receive any personal data (and does not store any IP addresses) but can track your use of the website, combine this information with data from other websites you have visited and are also tracked by the service provider, and use these insights  for its own purposes (e.g. to tailor advertising). If you have registered yourself with the service provider, then this service provider also can identify you. The processing of your personal data by the service provider is therefore the responsibility of the service provider in accordance with its own data protection provisions. The service provider merely informs us as to how our respective website is used (no personal information about you). We have activated IP anonymisation on this website, which means that the IP addresses of visitors to the IPI website that must be sent to the Google Analytics server are automatically shortened by removing the final digits within a very short time.
For more information, see Google Marketing Platform.

6.4 Google reCAPTCHA
We sometimes use Google reCAPTCHA on our websites. These are third-party services that may be located in any country in the world (in the case of Google reCAPTCHA, it is Google LLC in the USA). We use Google reCAPTCHA to protect online forms on our website. Data processing is based on your consent. The purpose of reCAPTCHA is to check whether a human or an automated program is entering data on our websites (e.g. in a contact form). reCAPTCHA analyses the behaviour of the website visitor on the basis of various characteristics. Cookies are also used for this purpose and are set by the service provider. The analysis starts automatically as soon as the visitor opens the website and runs entirely in the background. Website visitors are not informed that an analysis is taking place. For the analysis, Google can evaluate all the information on these form pages (including the IP address, how long the visitor stays on the website and the user’s mouse movements). The data collected during the analysis is forwarded to Google. The use of the reCAPTCHA service is in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. For more information, see the website to Google reCAPTCHA.

6.5 Plug-ins
We also use plug-ins on our websites for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn, which are clearly indicated (usually with a corresponding icon). We have configured these elements to be disabled by default. If you activate them (by clicking on them), the operator of the corresponding social network registers that you are on our website and where you are, and can use this information for its own purposes. The processing of your personal data by the operator is therefore the responsibility of the operator in accordance with its own data protection provisions. We do not receive any information about you from the operator.


7. Storage of your personal data

Your personal data collected as part of the activities in the webshop will be stored exclusively and completely on servers located in Switzerland. The servers are protected as well as possible against unauthorized access by third parties. Passwords are specially encrypted to protect the integrity of your password, even in the event of unauthorized access.
The creation, modification, export, and deletion of personal data is logged historically by the shop system, but not the mere view of existing data sets


8. Information, correction, transfer

You have the right to receive free information about your stored data and the right of correction at any time. Please contact us for more information. You will find our contact details in section 2 of this Privacy Policy.
You can view your data in your customer account on the website at any time. You can change your e-mail address and password yourself at any time. You can edit your address details before completing an order.
You also have the right to request the free transfer of your personal data to a third party. Please note, however, that we cannot adapt your data record to any special format requirements of a third party and under no circumstances transfer your order history or passwords


9. Revocation and deletion

You can revoke your consent to this Privacy Policy at any time and demand the deletion of your personal data. Please contact us for more information. You will find our contact details in section 2 of this Privacy Policy.
In case of a request for deletion, we will block your profile. Please note, however, that we are obliged under commercial and tax law to keep order receipts for at least 10 fiscal years. We can therefore neither delete nor process the personal data contained in these documents. Your request for cancellation is therefore only valid to this extent for future processing. If orders are still pending at the time of receipt of your revocation and cancellation request, your personal data will be processed until the complete completion of the contract. Your revocation under data protection law expressly has no influence on the execution of existing contractual relationships and is not considered an extraordinary reason for termination


10. Profiling and automated decision-making

Personal data is not subject to any automated decision-making. We do not conduct profiling with personal data.


11. Amendments

We may amend this privacy policy without prior notice at any time. The version published on our website is the version currently applicable. Where appropriate, we will update you about amendments via email or in another suitable manner.