Thomas Jr. wore Gucci socks and limited-edition Nikes. The Henrys lived together until about July of last year, Azteca said in her court filing. Left: Henry presenting a check to nonprofit Elf Louise to purchase Christmas gifts for the needy. 15 of 32 16 of 32 San Antonio attorney Thomas J. Henry is threw quite possibly one of the most lavish quinceaeras San Antonio has ever seen for his daughter Mya on Feb. 12 even Pitbull and . In that interview, Maya said the quinceaera was the best night of my life, and that the father-daughter dance was one of the highlights of the event. The way society has developed, [young lawyers] have been coached to have a work-life balance, he told another visitor. Amy Weaver Dorning is an assistant editor at Texas Monthly. more than 144,000 followers on Instagram. We certainly didnt have two pairs of tennis shoes, Mike told me. In the interview from his suite on the 50th floor of the Austonian tower overlooking downtown Austin . If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Thomas J. Henry is enjoying the view. Thomas J. Henry threw his daughter one of the most lavish quinceaeras San Antonio has ever seen, TMZ: Thomas J. Henry spent over a million to land Pitbull, Nick Jonas at daughter's quinceaera, Pitbull brings out surprise guest during Grammys finale performance, Hearst Foundations award WSU with a $150,000 grant, Hearst Foundations award Seattle Art Museum with $250,000 grant, Hearst Foundations award two Wash. orgs with $175,000 in grants, Two popular Seattle parks will close early this summer, city says, Most calls made to Seattle police are for noncriminal activity, Home in local architect's family since the 60s is on sale for $3M. Azteca wants to see Thomas assets, liabilities, financial statements, monthly income and cash on hand. Those numbers make good advertising copyand Henry likes to use them in his commercialsbut the reality is that in Texas, the big dollar amounts tend not to stick. Henry had been in the office for three years, but it looked like hed been too busy to fully settle in. Henry was sitting at his glass desk in a low-rise building in an office park in northwest San Antonio. But they also had six mouths to feed. I feel like Im part of their family. San Antonio personal injury lawyer Thomas J. Henry touts a $1.25 billion judgment on a billboard at McCullough Avenue and Interstate 35 just north of downtown. Maya Henry wore two dresses that night each priced at around $20,000 and also showed up in a Rolls Royce, according to a previous report. When potential clients call the firm, their cases quickly get triaged. San Antonio attorney Thomas J. Henry threw quite possibly one of the most lavish quinceaeras San Antonio has ever seen for his daughter Maya on Feb. 12 even Pitbull and Nick Jonas showed up. On How Thomas J. Henry became mixed up in fight over San Antonio oil field services company, Drew Crossland submitted a court exhibit containing photos that Henry and Evelin, 30, posted to their Instagram accounts. Her family includes her older brother Thomas (with whom she lives in Los Angeles) and her grandmother Teresa. Court records show Azteca filed for divorce in April 2005 just as she did in November, using the couples reversed initials rather than their names on the petition. RELATED: Thomas J. Henry threw his daughter one of the most lavish quinceaeras San Antonio has ever seen. From golf courses to coffee shops (and even Bexar County jury duty), there are plenty of places where an average Joe might meet a celebrity. Leave them blank to get signed up. What the Henrys children have to say also could come into play. Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Republic Records. An accident victim who suffers a much less severe injury after being rear-ended by an eighteen-wheeler owned by a large corporationthats a G4 case, a potential multimillion-dollar suit. A Texas attorney's daughter was featured in the latest music video by rapper Lil Nas X. Maya Henry, daughter of prominent injury attorney Thomas J. Henry, made a small appearance in the official . Maya Henry is the daughter of wealthy parents Azteca and Thomas J Henry. Thomas, 58, argues they're not husband and wife. @maya_henry WOW! What a party! Henry also has five adult children from previous marriages. Lopez, standing off to the side, filmed everything on his phone. When Henry gave away 10,000 frozen turkeys last Thanksgiving in the South Texas towns of Alice, San Diego, Freer, and Corpus Christi, he traveled between locations in a helicopter, touching down amid the crowds so he could shake hands, pose for pictures, and distribute a few birds himself. I know them, Dolce and Gabbana! he told me. State District Judge Cynthia Marie Chapa, who presided over the hearing, ordered Thomas J. Henry to turn over only information relating to his cash on hand and the bills hes paying. He put up a sign for his business at his own personal address. Thomas made the move to Boerne with his wife and two teen children after more after more than 25 years in Corpus Christi, the Express-News reported in the 2014 profile. If the G1s cant resolve the case through negotiation, it will advance to the G2s and the G3s, mid-level lawyers who will then put the case on the path to a trial. Every time I say Thomas J. Henry, everyone is going to yell el ms chingn, Lopez commanded. Then Henry and Lil Jon climbed on top of the DJ table, standing side by side. Have a great night!. Language Lessons Nails the Art of Zoom-Era Filmmaking, Liz Lamberts Documentary on the San Jos Motel Offers a Glimpse at South Congress Before Gentrification, Texas Monthly Recommends: Volunteering at a COVID-19 Vaccination Site, On Texas Time: Filmmaker Channing Godfrey Peoples, Step Aside, Perrys: This 30-Ounce Smoked Pork Chop Is Ready to Take the Crown, Willie Nelsons Son Lukas on Ancient Texts, Pearl Jam, and I Never Cared for You, Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part I: Candy Montgomerys Affair, I Biked the I-35 Hell Route From Austin to San Antonio So You Dont Have To, The Astrodomes Decline From Eighth Wonder to Eighth Blunder of the World, Texas-Style Pulled Pork Is Embarrassing, The Top 50 Texas BBQ Joints: 2021 Edition, 15 Treasure-Filled Spots to Antique in Small-town Texas, Matthew McConaughey Is Monetizing His Whole Vibe, Mosquito Hawks Are Flitting All Over Texas. Then he purchased spots on the local ABC newscast. Thomas now lives in the Dominion. Sweat glistened on his brow. Photos: King William Fair and Parade mark Fiestas final Seguin amusement park shown in HBO Max show about Texas Hill Country property near San Antonio to become state park. And I can do something about it.. Henrys branding has a different tonecooler, steelier, fancier. He thinks that personal-injury lawyers who promote themselves in that manner are comical, trashy, and embarrassing to the legal profession.. We dont take no for an answerand we dont take losses! He looked out at the crowd, basking in the moment. Ahead of the split speculation, the duo were last photographed at the Fashion Awards in London in December 2019. At the top of the pyramid are the G4s, Henrys rock star road warriors, the senior litigators who jet around the country taking depositions and filing restraining orders for evidence in the cases that have the most potential value. Do they broadcast that lavish spending at every opportunity? Henry got bad grades at Richard King High School, went to the University of Texas at El Paso , and earned his law degree at St. Marys University, in San Antonio. This is a carousel. Madalyn Mendoza is a proud Alamo City native. The party was not, however, as expensive as the $6 million quinceaera the elder Henry threw for his daughter, Maya, last year. Crossland has taken her estranged husband to court over their oil field services company, a legal dispute the husband claims Henry has bankrolled. The lawyer his starsign is Aries and he is now 60 years of age. When Henry produces his reality show, he plays up the San Antonio location and his wifes Mexican American heritage. "massivethank you to @maya_henry for always keeping the biggest smile on my face through all the stress and making me realize how perfect my life really is". The image was part of a court exhibit filed June 29 in litigation unfolding in San Antonio. And Henry can sound like Ralph Nader when he talks about how plaintiffs lawyers can not only hold companies accountable but force them to adopt safer practices. On 5-4-1962 Thomas J Henry (nickname: Thomas) was born in Germany. This is a carousel. The, TM Recommends: Take Me Out to the Sandlot. Yes! th dignitaries. That might be one for the G1s. Thomas J. Henry's daughter featured in Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' official music video, Thomas J Henry's daughter Maya Henry opens Dolce and Gabbana fashion show in Mexico City, Thomas J. Henry throws $4 million birthday party for son. Scenes from the Thomas J. Henry 25th Anniversary party in San Antonio. That morning, the Ferrari kids would be paired with local Ferrari owners, who would drive them around in their cars for fifteen minutes, then escort them through the high-end Shops at La Cantera outdoor mall, where a red-carpet arrival, an Italian lunch, and a salon session awaited. The second element relates to whether the couple agreed to live together as husband and wife. The $45.3 million verdict for a woman who was rear-ended by an SUV driven by an oil-field services worker who had been talking on a hands-free cellphone. This one, with every employee and friend of his firm invited, swelled to a crowd of 1,200, and Henrys staff was full of praise for their boss. He is a personal injury attorney and the founder of the Thomas J. Henry law firm. Its been the best thing in my life, meeting her.. Matt Bonner is seen here at The General Public. He grinned and swung his $400,000 sports car up toward his hilltop mansion. A young attorney wearing a paisley tuxedo jacket said that Henry is a serious dude. You want to be the kind of lawyer that prepares for trial all the time.. Later this week, the parties are slated to exchange information addressing whether theres a marriage. Most of the contents relate to her fathers criminal case and the rest belong to her, Coldwell wrote. As guests stepped in from East Market Street, the scene inside the convention center looked like an Oscars after-party. Create a bonsai tree out of bricks with this $40 LEGO set, Dyson's air purifying headphones have finally arrived, Save on AeroGarden indoor herb growing kits at Amazon. Then, in 1977, the Supreme Court, by a 54 margin, declared lawyer advertisements to be constitutionally protected. But I wanted to do something that was phenomenal for her, because my daughter is a really good girl. What kind of surgery is this? Henry asked a little too casually. Henry, who at five feet, six inches tall is four inches shorter than his daughter, looked more understated than the rest of his brood.. Azteca, 42, says they are. She's the daughter of a respected personal injury lawyer, Thomas J. Henry, and their family's lives were even featured in a YouTube reality series called Hangin with Los Henrys. Henry, who at five feet, six inches tall is four inches shorter than his daughter, looked more understated than the rest of his brood. For example, Aztecas lawyers indicated they wish to dig into Thomas finances because they want him to pay her monthly support, attorneys fees and other expenses, as well as ensure she has continued access to the Boerne home and vehicles. In the field of Texas personal-injury law, which has long been populated with big spenders prone to displays of pharaonic excess, Henry is the current heavyweight champion. Henrys earlier parties had topped out at 200 guests. In one episode during the first season, Thomas Jr. received a Ferrari 488 Spider and an IWC Portugieser Tourbillon watch for his birthday. A separate arbitration proceeding over whether Azteca violated the employment agreement is pending. They made this for my short, round body!. Henry felt no need to apologize. (Who can count?) He is the driver of the fanciest cars, the thrower of the most lavish parties, the bestower of the most conspicuous gifts. While in San Antonio for one of the biggest shows of the year, Edward A. Ornelas /San Antonio Express-News, In most places, zoo outings take a backseat during winter months, but that wasn't the case for actress, Even though she's a big-time star, Fifth Harmony singer, Mendoza, Madalyn S/ Soon she scampered off to play with a friend whod joined her there, leaving Henry to pick at his salad until a series of far more deferential adults stopped by the table to seize a moment with him. When youre growing up banging on doors to collect a check for throwing papers, you know what its like to be poor, and you know what its like to have people treat you like youre inferior, he said. Consider supporting local journalism with a digital subscription to the Caller-Times. The tuxedo-clad personal-injury attorney was bobbing up and down like a shadowboxing prizefighter. Personal injury lawyer Thomas J. Henry spent about $6 million on a massive quinceaera for his daughter, Maya, and he isn't letting the critics weigh too much on his mind, according to. She was seen wearing a pink Dolce & Gabbana couture gown embroidered with flowers and jewels. Daniel Vaughn is the countrys first barbecue editor, and he has eaten more barbecue than you have. The burden of proof is the preponderance of evidence.. Even NBA players have to get their hair cut sometimes. The pair have two children togetherThomas Junior and Maya. He makes no secret of this fact. Keep up with her work and puro San Antonio happenings on Twitter, @MaddySkye. Wedding bells are in the near future for the Thomas J. Henry family. There is no limit to the areas that one could investigate to find evidence that they agreed to be married and held each other out as married, she added. Most well known as the father of Instagram influencer Maya Henry. Myres said: The element of whether they have an agreement to be married, theyre going to have to look at more than just the he-said, she-said.. Trivia. (As one Houston personal-injury attorney colorfully put it, How many wealthy white people do you know whove lost a leg at their job?) Whats more, accident victims usually havent thought about legal representation before their accidents, and they often need to find someone to take their cases quickly. Azteca was wearing a pink Balenciaga hat. When the family moved to Corpus in 1976, Frank made it clear that Henry would be paying for his own things. In 2002, his television commercials ran for five-and-a-half minutes during the Corpus-area Super Bowl broadcast. The image was part of a court exhibit filed June 29 in litigation unfolding in San Antonio. He added that planning was a year-long process and full production took a month. Get drunk! he bellowed. Hes badass. Say this person in this car over here hits you real bad, and that person makes minimum wage and has $30,000 in insurancebig injury, small case, Henry explained. Court records show a Nueces County jury found defendant Weatherford U.S., a provider of oil well drilling equipment and services, negligent. My law firm is warriors. As Henrys reputation has grown with his verdicts, so has his ambition. San Antonio attorney Thomas J. Henry is threw quite possibly one of the most lavish quinceaeras San Antonio has ever seen for his daughter Mya on Feb. 12 even Pitbull and Nick Jonas showed up. Thomas even hit the talk-show circuit to promote the show. If theyre deemed to be husband and wife and a judge later issues a divorce decree, Azteca could receive a portion of the assets accumulated during the marriage. Thomas J Henry started his own personal injury lawyer firm at 31 years of age in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1993. . Henry still takes big-dollar lawsuits to trial himself, but as his firm has ballooned in size he also spends his time at the helm of a massive law machine, directing his team of attorneys. When Henry wanted to advertise his namesake firm during the 2014 Super Bowl, he ran a commercial that showed him deplaning a Learjet and ducking into a silver Rolls-Royce. When Henry started his own firm, in Corpus Christi in 1993, he was 31 years old, basically unknown, and faced the question that all new lawyers face: How do you get clients? Anderson objected to turning over many of the intimate details. John Spong writes primarily about popular culture. Meagan Falcon covers entertainment, things to do and trending news in South Texas. If you think everythings going to settle, then you become a doormat lawyer, Henry told me. March 12, 2016. He dropped $6 million on daughter Mayas quinceaera in 2016. Tax returns, health insurance records and bank accounts, along with social, school and government registries, may be offered as evidence by either side to show whether they agreed to be married, Myres said. As soon as the four family members had gotten out of their cars, a film crew swarmed around them to get them miced up for that days shooting of Hangin With Los Henrys, an internet reality-show series that Henry finances and produces himself. Henry delivering a turkey at his annual giveaway. Its also known as an informal marriage. Only seven other states allow common law marriages. In: Wheeler Jr AG (Ed.) Do populist heroes give themselves $4.5 million birthday parties? He doesnt scream into a camera about how hes going to Fight! The law says that community property and debt should be divided when you get divorced in a way that is just and right, said Susan Myres, a Houston family lawyer who has practiced for about 35 years and is president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Attorney Thomas J. Henry knows how to throw a party. Lucky for the Henrys and for us daughter Maya offers a shining beacon of light in . Henry is a gringo.) But when Henry looks at himself, he sees a self-made man, an up-from-the-bootstraps striver who is not so far removed from his early life as a Kansas farm boy who hauled five-gallon buckets of slop a quarter mile every morning to feed the pigs. His father, Frank, had been a tough taskmaster, a Korea and Vietnam veteran who expected a lot from his son. If somebody is out there on the airwaves saying, This is my wife, that seems to be an indication of what your state of mind is at that time, Myres said. Hes made some payments on some assets, (which Thomas J. Henrys) going to say she has no right or interest.. Thomas, Maya, Thomas J., and Azteca Henry in 2018. In 2019, Azteca filed for divorce to end her 20-year marriage. Henrys $67 million verdict ended up paying out $9 million, which was considered a big enough success that Texas Lawyer, a trade publication, named Henry and his co-counsel its litigators of the week.
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